The Wave Collection Announces A New Line
Designed and hand-crafted by The Wave Collection..all for the love of the Wave.
Honoring the Wave in all its Glory
Unique custom designs…take the Ocean with you…where ever you go.
The Wave Collection Jewelry
The quality captures with respect, the awesome strength and majestic spirit of the Surf.
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Welcome to The Wave Collection

Joe and his family live in La Jolla (“The Jewel”) California and enjoy the ocean daily.  He has taken his love of the surf and waves to make handmade jewelry.  While surfing both coasts of the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Indonesia the inspiration to capture the feel of the waves has driven Joe to create this fine jewelry.  Using the art of Lost-wax casting, the process by which a metal like silver or gold is cast from an artist’s sculpture in wax, Precious Metal Clay or Fabrication he brings the spirit and the art together.

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