Joe and his family live in La Jolla (“The Jewel”) California and enjoy the ocean daily. He has taken his love of the surf and waves to make handcrafted wave jewelry. While surfing both coasts of the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Indonesia the inspiration to capture the feel of the waves has driven Joe to create this fine jewelry. Using the art of Lost-wax casting, the process by which a metal like silver or gold is cast from an artist’s sculpture in wax, Precious Metal Clay or Fabrication he brings the spirit and the art together.

It is his hope that in wearing and looking at this fine, handcrafted jewelry you will be reminded of some of the great waves you have surfed or enjoyed watching. All silver jewelry from The Wave Collection does wave jewelry of .925 sterling silver. Special orders are available in gold and platinum.


A fellow silversmith asked me what it would take for him to get the same feeling in making waves that I have crafted in mine. I thought for awhile and then said, ” I have been surfing for thirty some years. If I averaged surfing 10 waves a day, that would be over 100,000 waves ridden. Knowing that I have watched and enjoyed more than a hundred waves for every one that I rode, that represents millions of moments of joy I have had with the waves. That has inspired me to squeeze out those wonderful moments in creating this handcrafted wave jewelry for you to enjoy.”